Save Money with RetroFoam

Save Money RetroFoamDo you find yourself constantly trying to find ways to save money on those outrageous energy bills?  Is your home unbearably cold in the winter and uncomfortably hot in the summer?  Are you experiencing uncomfortable drafts throughout your home? Gulf Coast RetroFoam has the solution to all of those problems!

When it comes to the importance of energy efficiency, several homeowners have decided the benefits of RetroFoam is worth the initial investment.  RetroFoam will quickly pay for itself by reducing your utility bills by up to 50% and allowing you to experience immediate results!  RetroFoam is the home improvement that PAYS YOU BACK!  

What is R-Value and Why is it Important?

According to, an insulation’s resistance to heat flow is measured in terms of its R-value.  The higher the R-value, the better the insulation’s effectiveness.  An accredited 3rd party testing lab has calculated values of RetroFoam to range between 14.5 to 23.7 depending on the thickness of the wall.  There is no doubt that RetroFoam will maximize the R-value of your walls, which significantly reduces the amount of air leaks in your home.   The exceptional sealing qualities of RetroFoam results in immediate benefits, which in turn results in instant savings for you!

RetroFoam: The Energy Efficient Choice

According to recent studies, up to 35% of your home’s energy loss is through your existing walls. Traditional insulation often breaks down over time, trapping dust and moisture, and resulting in the inability to  prevent air leaks.  Whereas, RetroFoam prevents air infiltration by sealing all of the cracks and crevices where air may enter or escape your home.

With energy costs expecting to increase in the near future, RetroFoam is here to prevent those atrocious bills that are potentially on the rise.

If you are ready to start benefiting from RetroFoam’s energy savings then request a FREE estimate on our website or by calling Gulf Coast RetroFoam at (228) 222-5248